English / Hebrew

The annual “Land of the Bible” calendar was first published in 2005. It spans a 16 month period from September till December of the following year; All the Jewish Holidays and candle lighting times of 3 cities in Israel are provided; Colourful and unique landscape photographs of Israel are produced in high quality, glossy print in this 30cm x 22cm size calendar; Each landscape photograph is annotated by a carefully selected and therefore inspiring Scripture verse from the Tanach (Jewish Bible). Printed in Hebrew/English

German / hebrew

A German version “Das Land der Bibel” was produced for the first time in 2009 in Hebrew/German. It includes, the Jewish Holidays and candle-lighting times for Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich and Munich, as well as the German holidays. 

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​***Der deutsche Kalender ist für 2023-2024 nicht verfügbar***

Jewish calendars... by rahel roni alon